It's as easy as that!

Give us a call or contact us by email when you receive your card in the post and let us know how long it took to get to you.

A few tips to make sure you get the card:

  • This will work when you visit this page from your home, as we do not deliver to business addresses
  • You may use your Phone or PC, but don't forget to allow access to location
  • If you already opened this page from your work, don't worry, try it again when you're at home, just use a
    different browser or clear your cache if you insist on using the same browser

Here’s a few examples of how some of our customers use it to target different browsing habits and demographics.

  • Only send to people within 50 miles who have an average income >$100k and visited a shipping page
  • Send when the shopper has visited a product page and visited the financing page
  • Send only when an ‘inferred single’ female has started but not completed the 3rd step in the shopping cart
  • Send to users that visited the site within the previous 2 weeks and returned
  • Send to shoppers that came from a Google Ad and landing page and a product page (based on UTM)
  • Send to Shoppers with a home value >$200k that clicked on a retargeted ad AND a product page
  • Limit high end giveaways to 5 people each day