AutoCards is a direct mail platform that delivers a unique postcard and converts buyers by providing the right information to the right buyer at right time in the purchasing cycle. You get greater impact, more precision and less cost than any conventional direct mailing campaign. Dont believe us? Scroll to the bottom, read the instructions and test it out yourself.


  • Increase conversion with information unique to their VDP (Vehicle Details Page) and browsing history
  • Provides recency and relevancy when the shopper is at the bottom of the sales funnel
  • Drives shoppers directly to your dealership with custom, time sensitive offers


  • Printed immediately on-demand and delivered in approx. 3-4 business days
  • Turnkey print and ship, priced per card sent with no minimum quantity
  • Provides a tailor-made printed version of the vehicle VDP the shopper is interested in
  • Addresses automatically provided to the dealership as CRM leads
  • Can be limited to certain geographic areas or demographic data


  • A potential customer browses your website
  • We triangulate the exact physical home address of the customers device
  • A customized AUTOCARD featuring the relevant VDP, financing and special offer is printed and shipped
  • In as little as 72 hours, the customer receives an AUTOCARD in the mail with a personalized offer directly from you!

Test it out for yourself!

This only works if you do this from your home location so make sure you are at home in order to experience it like a shopper.
  1. Go home tonight
  2. Pull up this page on your pc or mobile (or text “autocard” to 91985 for instructions)
  3. Click on the “Demonstration” button below and make sure you “Allow access to location”